Monday, September 3, 2012

you are what you eat

Power in its simplest form

Returns itself into the void

It can never be consumed

In the gnashing of teeth

Or the burning of anger

Simple chewing breaks

Ire into swallowable chunks

Chasing satisfaction wanes

After its twin is caught and

Though tasty, does not fill

A belly bloated with hunger

For importance and success

We suck the marrow

Out of life with no thought

To tomorrow’s meal

Second helpings call to us

Through the halls of buildings

Late night when we should be home

Saying grace for little birds

Lying dead in gravy on dinner tables

We eat dreams in one gulp

Never savoring the incense

Of the burnt offering

On commerce’s altar

The offering of ourselves

And all who we say we love

Because they are dressed

In disguises of our fabrication

Reason for climbing down

Ladders in our mind

To sup with our egos

 © NP 9/12

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