Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Overstanding of an Imperfect Love

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Untitled…Nonet/Reverse Nonet

Waking to many mosquito bites
Even this paradise is flawed
I sweat, at times profusely
Even the lizards laugh
At deet in my hand
But the ocean
Calls my name
For me
So I throw
Fate to strangers
Revel in sunshine
Dance with the iguanas
Eat mangos straight from the tree
Clap for the mermaids in the sea
And hide the frayed hem beneath my skirt

© NP 10/31/12

Monday, October 22, 2012

Heaven touched earth

“And you really are
Going to make me wait”

Every minute, every day
I have become a new person
In or out of your heart
It is a magical thing, this waking up
God weaves eternity into minutes
Each new day
He makes new magic
I find that gift in your voice
In your living story
And in mine
I try to pack more meaning
Into my love
Here at the middle of all things
When my beginning is so long ago
My future is unknown
Here I want to be close to you
And find that I cannot
Because you would not have
My breath against your cheek
Though I would hold breathless
To be close to you one more time
I remember the magic of October
Recognizing my uselessness at forgetting
The only man I have ever loved
I still my hands from words
Close my eyes against the fireworks
And give in to God’s stillness
My soul moves closer to yours
And it’s messy and needy and honest
God answers my aches slowly
Knowing I can’t handle the affirmation
In my compulsory retreat of smallness
Nursing the kind of faith
That can change lives and it’s not wrong
Even though I would have you now
My heart cannot take another break
So I live in a breathless world
In and among my memories of your love
Praying that the same God
Who was faithful in answering the one prayer
Will consent to answer another one
I have never stopped loving you
Soon I will be ready
But even God knows I’m
Not yet
© NP 10/22/12

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An Angel's Commission

Sleep not
To tough be
Twisting and playing
Many thoughts
Of secrets kept
In light revealed
But, maybe not all
Needed rain cleansing
Cobwebs and pain
Paralyzing venom
All washed away
Traded sanctification
For angels
Angels for
Sanctification traded
Away washed all
Venom paralyzing
Pain and cobwebs
Cleansing rain needed
All not maybe, but
Revealed light in
Kept secrets of
Thoughts many
Playing and twisting
Be tough to
Not sleep

© NP 10/3/12

Sunday, September 30, 2012

To the Women

To the Women

Let me cover you in water
A clean and pristine flow
From the well of your forefathers
Long dry from winds of droughts

Let me cover you in grain
Insect-less and plentiful
Enough to make bread
For today and tomorrow and them

Let me cover you in natural balms
Healing hands willing to anoint
The ache and soreness you feel
From scant walls and cold floors

Let me show you how to sew
Because that is what the women taught me
A quilt to protect in colors to delight
Market your beauty to show the world

Let me come to you soon
For in this I need to lay my hands
On the disorder of your world
So that I can bring order to my own

© NP 09/30/12

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Thrift stores
Bargains in bins
3 for 1 money
Not folded
                Just tossed in
Like leaves in fall
From the single tree
Growing in the 10X10
                Concrete square
On the hot sidewalk
Rayon, polyester
                Unwashed cotton
No lining, sheer tops
Pink bra
                Flowered panties
3 in 1 pack
Scratchy hose
Strip mall shoe stores
Patent leather look alikes
Handbags to match
Well drinks and poor lights
                No air conditioner
Wolf calls into the night
                Friday night

© NP 03/10


The songsmith says
The knee is connected to the leg
Straight and long
Center and core of strength
Dense yet porous
Carrying the weight of life
Easily broken by sticks and stones
Words can bend them
Little ones, big ones
Curved and hollow
Lots of them
Piled high in the shallow earth
Uncovered and unclothed
Unskinned and unmuscled
Unraced and unethniced
Untall and unshort
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
When I am no longer connected
Who will tend my

© NP 11/09