Monday, September 17, 2012


Today I dreamed of the sun
With eyes wide open and looking
Through a window newly clean
Rag in one hand and windex in the other
And just for a moment I could
Smell the ocean wafting
A warm breeze across my feet
So I had to remove my socks
To see if I could wiggle my toes
In a sandy delight of pleasure
I can taste the greenness of
Of your heart holding onto mine
The windowpane seems a doorway
Only I have been asked to enter
When I listen, I can hear your voice
Folding the wings of brown pelicans
And whispering past the lushness
Of the bougainvillea vine
Sweet and sensuous lyrics
Sounding off tamarind clusters
And shooting carambola stars
Calling me to you throughout the day
Upon my prayers gazing beyond glass
I know that you are my overstanding
© NP 09/17/12

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