Thursday, September 20, 2012

it's not about me

When I awake
I can lie still in the mornings
Waiting on you to join me
In that early morning grace
Of knowing that we have
Made it to today, whole,
Intact and in our right minds
I can immediately give thanks
That my prayers from
The night before have been answered
And while I may not realize it
In terms that I can touch
It never-the-less has happened

When I awake
I do not find you wanting
In any measurement of fullness
And I find your need
To begin the day in peace
A match to my own
So we go about the ministrations
A cup of tea, a heel of bread
A song of prayer, hums, whispers
Made by our own thanksgiving
Of a fast to be broken
When I awake
To the leaving and arriving
Of winds across a blue ocean
The scent of mangoes
And pleasant call of greetings
That await outside our door
It is good to be still
Against even pleasant intrusions
So we begin our day together
As we ended it the night before
In prayer for the things
We want for others and ourselves

When I wake
I am overwhelmed with
The extravagance of life
In placing me beside a man
Who understands that mercy
Is not a weakness
Nor love a fault of foolish men
But something to be treasured
And returned tenfold

When I awake
I realize that this day
Is not about me, but us.

© NP 09/19/12

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