Monday, September 10, 2012

oh death

Out of the corner of my eye

A shadow briefly passed

And only just for a second

A refraction of light

I should not have seen it

No one else seemed to have

Or were too afraid to acknowledge

A moving darkness in the sanctuary

Cloaked in blindness

A momentary patch

Over the third sight

Of the multitudes of pew sitting folks

The hallelujahs were loud

The lights grew dim in the noon hour

And it seemed a hot chill passed

While we all called on the Lord

Weeping for private dreams

Praying for private wants

Ignoring private needs

And the reaper walked unmet

To the tares hiding

In amongst the wheat

 I averted my eyes lest

He would find me wanting

Offering to make a crossroad deal

Though I knew full well that

This is now the harvest season

And I understood the word mercy

In that moment

For maybe I hadn’t done it right

But I am still favored as wheat

And at the dimming of this morn

Death passed me over


© NP 09/10/12


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