Sunday, September 26, 2010

detente dreams

Yellow crinkly edges

On once green glossy leaves


As dust on a bookshelf

The volumes contain all

The knowledge in the world

And yet who knows

Of a lover’s slip

Hanging below the torn hem

Of yesterday’s party dress

Strap slipped down

To the crook of her elbow

A day that was once known

As a good time not had

Has slipped into the night

To not be had by all

Though my longing is keen

I have never seen a hurricane

But its perfume is heavy

Threatening to crack a rainbow

Into prisms of dirty light

The very smallest of which

Can make the sun bleed

Its drops staining my tears

Unshed in my obstinacies

To believe that I have not

Been flicked off as rain

On an oft opened umbrella

And left standing, forgotten

Waiting to be touched

Moments roasted brown

In nutmeg tinged flavors

Dry and arid

On desert altars

Rocks and sand drifts

Slowly through sifting

Out wants from needs

Of adobe colored dreams

For maybe desires

Have nothing to do with

The faith of promised good

And everyone must learn

That NO is an answer too