Monday, September 17, 2012

Nick of name

My mother picked my name
Out of the base of her experience
With the foresight to make it simple
As if she already knew that I needed to travel
Nothing too heavy and nothing too light
And nothing extra, just enough

One letter with a tail for balance
Another with a hook to hold on
To my answered prayers
And two that reached for the heavens
Just four, complete, completion
Yang and yin, you and me
Fusing, marinating and blending
A synthesis of life producing
The realization of joined ideas

Four ways for a day’s labor
A work always in progress
I fell in love with words young
My crafting and showing
Me in ink, me on paper, me in chalk
Me in the stability of helium
One, two, three, four electrons
The basis of all organic life

Length, breadth, width and time
Four testaments to Christ
Four worlds in the tree of life
I never grew too tall
Or too thin and was thus spared
Being ridiculed for either
And the nick of my name
Can’t be changed or diminutivized
Without changing who I am
To you

I am as volatile as the air and fire
As calm as the water and earth
Not in contradiction
But in balancing quadrants
And always in motion
My thoughts never shut down
Patterning and reconfiguring
Turning the wheel
Clockwise and opposite
I am not interchangeable
With any one past or present
My name does not hide me
In Slavery, in Christianity or darkness
I choose to be who I am
You chose me to be yours
I accept your hypocoristic
And hold that name in my heart

© NP 09/6/12

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