Friday, September 28, 2012

My Warrior King

My warrior king
The moon of my stars
Collected under a night’s sky
At the crown of the earth
Willing to decorate the realm
Of a lush paradise
Already leafy emerald hued

My warrior king
The sun of my skies
Radiantly clad by Jah
Ebony tresses flecked with wisdom
Amidst the lion’s mane
Clad as such the kenips
Delicious around your strength

My warrior king
The wind of my power
Gently guiding the rule
Of those under his protection
Serving and mastering in turn
Cooling the air with a broad smile
A tall glass of sorrel in the waning

My warrior king
The beat of my heart
I am safe in your embrace
From any jumbie strolling by
For you hold my soul
In the palm of your hand
And hide me in your shadow

My warrior king
The pleasure of my world
I know you in dreams
But know not if it is mine or yours
The beat of steel is heavy
And regulates my pulse
Only you control the rhythm

My warrior king
The keeper of our faith
I pledge to you my days
I gift to you my nights
Until every ocean gives up it treasures
Every mountain tires of standing
I will remain beside you

© NP 09/29/12

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