Friday, December 31, 2010

Lady Blue

Lady changed
Melodious whispered voices
Teasingly beckoned
Out hands your reach
Lovers of sea
Water adrifted on waves
Alone forever
Mine of love retired
But pretty words
Painfully felt
Never again
You cannot awaken
Even though ink called
Penned passion
Of known man
Man known of
Penned passion
Called ink though even
Awaken cannot you
Again never
Felt painfully
Words pretty but
Retired love of mine
Forever alone
Waves on adrifted water
Sea of lovers
Reach your hands out
Beckoned teasingly
Voices whispered melodious
Changed lady


The weight of the world
Straddles my dreams
And pins down my shoulders
Until I can’t breathe
My pulse is shallowly drawing
Stars behind my eyelids
Until I want to scream
And each night I am afraid
That only my heart will hear
To heed my command
For to pause before waking
May be my last thought
So I continue to struggle
With the pressure of your leaving
Amazed that pain feels the same
Whether asleep or awake
Yesterday or tomorrow
Until I want to box my ears
To keep from hearing your voice
Scrub my hands
Til they no longer feel your skin
And slap the taste of you
Out of my own mouth
Will my soul then be calmed enough
So that I can sleep without