Monday, September 3, 2012

Why do you love me?

And you will know me

Beyond pain

Beyond passion

Beyond need

I seek your heart upon wakening

But only after thanking God

For grace

For waking me

For blessing you

As is my daily request

That always comes in the form

Of greatfilledness

For simple things

Like sun

Like rain

Like running water

And toothpaste

So why do you love me?


When you have yet to hear my heart beat

Under the palm of your hand

My smile

Across a table

The corner of your eye

In memories

There was a time when I trusted desire

To move beyond love




Until it could hold no more faith

And I was wrong

To trust it



So damage you find me




Through no fault of yours

So why do you love me?


I know you are not he

And I not she

I cannot pay

And you do not owe

A debt not my own

Nor yours to bear

And I will hold you faultless

If you only trust me

So why do you love me?


Yet hide

What’s in your heart

On your mind

In your soul

For a burden shared

Is halved in its heaviness

And like two equally yoked

My furrow must



And be directed

By your ordered steps

Of faith

You must be the head of the house

Because it is written thus

And I will be contrite

In obedience

To my God

So why do you love me?


I have to know that you

Won’t shut me out

When it’s tough

When you need

When you don’t

Because I will need you too

To feel that I am a part

Of your life

And you mine

And to know

Beyond a doubt

Without question

And in all confidence





© NP 08/12



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