Monday, September 24, 2012

Hip Pocket

How can I even begin to explain
From whence and where this feeling came
To a girl child living in the twain
Of day’s sunrise and moon’s wane
Who’s never had in her veins
A love leave a permanent stain
From knee to hip occluding brain
How to distinguish between the swains
That would take to task her soul in vain
Many times and over and over again
Until in darkness she must abstain
To break a the links of choking chain

How can I even begin to explain
My experience that makes this plain
As weather telling needs a vane
To show the wind outside of pane
My heart has been newly arraigned
Because I let the spirit guide and change
Prepare me for this man ordained
After much praying of a campaign
And time taken to retrain
A life that had been detained
By holding onto too much pain

How can I ever begin to explain
My high is not of chilled champagne
Nor even that of fermented grain
I had to give up on my tired refrain
And stepped into a brand new lane
The living of life I now do retain
The joy in life I have regained
And as far as I can ascertain
His love for me is pretty plain
So in his life I will remain
From mountaintops to mundane
For at his hip I have been claimed

© NP 09/24/12

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