Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Grass is cleaner
Grass is greener
Greener days
Greener ways
Ways to know
Ways to grow
Grow few
Grow knew
Knew corn
Knew born
Born wheat
Born neat
Neat rice
Neat mice
Mice DNA
Mice RNA
RNA copy
RNA poppy
Poppy grown
Poppy sown
Sown food
Sown good
Good eat
Good meat
Meat pen
Meat hen
Hen egg
Hen leg
Leg of ham
Leg of lamb
Lamb in spring
Lamb is king
King of table
King is able
Able to change
Able to arrange
Arrange splice
Arrange knife
Knife removes
Knife proves
Proves that man
Proves he can
Can employ
Can destroy
Destroy implantation
Destroy creation

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