Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jr league

Standing in the living room and
Staring out the wall to wall
Floor to ceiling glass windows
That overlooked the green grass
I tried to imagine me
Running out the side door
Just to chastise the bag boys
Who were far too slow in
Picking up wayward golf balls
Off my back lawn
Would I be wearing a
Cashmere cardigan of soft pink?
Or maybe a track suit in
An emerald teal with matching
Well, I decided
If it was in the morning
I would definitely have on
Fashionable heels and a
Skirt and blouse
He would then know I meant
Especially since I would
Probably be late for a meeting
Which would throw me behind
In getting my hair cut
And the hospital ribbon cutting
It was then that I was pulled
Out of my reverie
To be introduced to yet another
Woman of no-color
Who, like the one before
Was excited to be the first
Chapter in the area to
Have one

© NP 4/20/11

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