Saturday, June 26, 2010

Umbrella Seeds

I feel the heat on the sidewalk

Radiating up through the stone steps

Sitting there playing school

With rocks and chalk

Waiting on the fireflys to come out

And dance among the broken bottles

And rocks and us, twirling

Walking to school on broken sidewalks

Morning school, lunch

And afternoon school

Tornado drills in the hallways

And naps on mats, before recess

Sandwiches always and Jay’s potato chips

white and chocolate lunch ladies

The clock in the neighbor’s kitchen?

Felix, I think, black and white

Swish and swoosh, tick tock

Plastic on the sofa and chairs

Black and white table in the kitchen

Where juice cups sit and crackers

Mrs. Miller standing guard in the door

Back porches and stoops

Rickety stairs and closet tents

Creature Features and sneaky twins

Dark shadows and beating hearts

Rappidy rappidy beat beat, sweat

Big staring eyes in a small face

Screams! Laughter! I’m telling!

Emergency room visits

How many tasty orange candies

Did you eat little one?

These many, with palm up and open

The nurse said they only taste good with soda

And we wanted some too at first

But momma said no, just for little one

White lace and taffeta

Stretched all the way down the hall

Measuring and cutting away years

Snipping carefully so nothing is forgot

Not the slightest laugh, nor the smallest tear

Piecing together white space for

New stuff to be stitched in

Sisters, women, girls, mothers, ladies

Fancy, sassy, smart and pretty

All in one, place, space, heart, life

Four, three, two, three, one

Nothing stops the rain, but dammit

With grace and crass, meds and sun

We can sow colorful umbrellas

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