Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wraps around your heart like a front porch

Cool in the evening just perfect for settin

And rocking in wide chairs, so your feet

Can be tucked up under you, and a skirt

Riding high on your thighs, cause it’s hot

Drinking Iced tea and water and maybe

A cool bowl of summer fruit cut up and

Eaten with your fingers, plain and simple

Easy to handle, easy to eat, easy to feel

The love swaying on the light breeze

Leaving the outside when the night has

Grown as black as your skin kissed by the sun

Loving your hand in mine in, an invitation

To join you on top of the covers for quiet

Talk about the day, work, life, plans

Stretched out beside you, long legs over

Mine, head on your chest, hand feeling

Each individual beat of your heart

Love frees another star in the sky

From the clear blanket of darkness

It is the moon dancing and the slow sound of

Insects in the grass, the wind chimes in the breeze

Love smoothes out my words and my kinks

Fresh cotton, fluffy pillows, and the ceiling fan

The promise that you will be here in the morning.

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