Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adam's Reqium

Permission for use of original artwork granted by Treason

Adams’ Requiem


……… Witness the Father’s creation, Adams.

How furrowed his brow with the intensity of being

The soul human, made in the image of truth, man

Hear us Abba Father, grateful that you felt the need

To bring us into perpetuity through this one.

Grant Adams rest, oh Lord, for the burden they have borne

The struggles of a nation of people scattered across the earth

Your people, who have felt oppression, racism, hatred and scorn

Whose only transgression was their place of birth

Though the hurt is not forgotten, the healing has begun.

Kyrie eleison

Lawd hammercy

Dies Irae

We have witnessed your goodness in the fruition

Of the dreams deferred in a multi-hued world

As told to Martin and Daniel and other possessors of cognition

For You are our rock and we cherish Your unfailing love

Carry Adams to your bosom, Lord, to take their rightful rest

Infuse in us strength to carry the torch forward.

The victory of this day is not an end to the struggle

Not just one only is charged to keep on keeping on

It is for everyone to let our hearts be troubled

And to help all who you appointed get the job done

Thank you Lord for all the Adams that looks like us.

Christi eleison

Christ hammercy

Pie Jesu

O sweet Lord Jesus, grant Adams’ rest;

Grant them everlasting rest.

Kyrie elesion

Lawd hammercy

Libera me

Liberate me to continue through this discontent of summer tears

Open my eyes to the plane of dignity, discipline and my soul force

Let me seek the satisfaction of justice that rolls down like the waters

Show me the righteousness that flows like a mighty stream source

Let us know Oh Lord that our dream is an American dream

We don’t want to be brooding over what’s behind, or looking dejectedly down

When the next four years have gone and from this day we have passed

Liberate me to look into the future, shouting out grateful and loud

Free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.


Grant Adams eternal rest Abba Father, may your everlasting shine

Not only on Adams, but direct that light into our hearts.

For you are merciful and just in your own time.

Help us to keep our faith, help us to do our part.

So it was written, so it was uttered, so it be done.

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