Thursday, May 27, 2010

Walled dreams

Bright lights

Bright promises

Promises futures

Promises days

Days to wait

Days to dream

Dreams realized

Dreams inspired

Inspired blindness

Inspired vision

Vision of past

Vision of future

Future of elders

Future of youth

Youth complain

Youth contained

Contained in ghettos

Contained in mountains

Mountains have aged

Mountains give way

Way to rebar

Way to structure

Structure of laws

Structure of lands

Land divided

Land eroded

Eroded hopes

Eroded dollar

Dollar to spend

Dollar to save

Save the building fund

Save my soul

Soul cries out

Soul dies out

Out to pasture

Out to lunch

Lunch time paid

Lunch time taken

Taken to eat

Taken to smoke

Smoke cigarettes

Smoke weed

Weed grows in dirt

Weed grows in concrete

Concrete walled

Concrete dreams



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