Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Every man is born of woman
Of mothers and grandmothers
Aunts and sisters
Nurtured in the belly of hands
Palms to palms held close
Inter-joined and together
Touching hearts and souls
Becoming one with the world
Born of prayer, of God
A desire for us
In that we can ever continue
To be raised up in the image of love
Before your name was spoken
I knew that you would be called to me
A legacy provided at the dawn
I never understood how my mother
Felt about the birth of your father
Until now
When I look to the east for your arrival
Like the anticipation of the sunrise
After a restless night’s turning
My hands await the curve of your fingers
I want to hold your soft face against mine
I want to smell of your innocence
And kiss the top of your head
To feel your little heart beat rapidly
As if you are in a hurry to grow up
And yet I would not have you afraid
To Live Good
To experience all that life has to offer
The exceptional, the bad, the tiresome
I want you to know the people I love
So I will endlessly tell you stories
While you sleep in my arms, on my lap
And often beside me in church
I will give you poetry, my words
And even though I cannot sing
We will raise the rafters in voices
We will call out prayers
And yes, the humming jones
For happy has its own unique sound
It is the sound of God
It is the sound of family
It is the sound of me
Saying I will love you always.


  1. Wonderful, heartfelt write!! Enjoyed it immensely

  2. Such a lovely surprise... Beautiful write my poetic friend... I shall spread the word, that you have arrived...