Thursday, May 27, 2010


Slave woman
Strong teeth, fertile worker
Curves chocolate and enticing
Taste to quench white and arid thirsts
Enslavement Cleopatric
Captured senses at crumbled empires
Antonian defeat
Colorfully swirled skirts though palms of trees
Sifting sands on varied horizons
We are Walkien and Hurstonian, Bethunenistic Anderson
Woman of renaissance
Holding fists against ceiling glass
Creating fissures
Words are we
Spoken, written, sang, shouted
Words spelled on ample hips
Lips, breasts, calves full
Brooks Angelouan on baked dancers
Rhythm lived above afros
Sexy power
Praying colored mothers
Evangelists yellow hatted
Stars from Eastern facing winds
Enough are rainbows
We live
Live we
Rainbows are enough
Winds facing Eastern from stars
Yellow hatted Evangelists
Mothers colored praying
Power sexy
Afros above lived rhythm
Dancers baked on Angelouan Brooks
Full calves, breasts, lips
Hips ample on spelled words
Shouted, sang, written, spoken
Words we are
Fissures creating
Glass ceiling against fists holding
Anderson Bethunenistic,, Hurstonian and Walkien are we
Horizons varied on sand shifting
Trees of palms through skirts swirled colorfully
Defeat Antonian
Empires crumbled at senses captured
Cleopatric enslavement
Thirsts arid and white quench to taste
Enticing and chocolate curves
Worker fertile, teeth strong
Woman Slave