Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today I am beyond broken

Beyond tears and so tired

I need the sanctuary of love

That can only be found

In the crook

Of a strong man’s arms

I need to feel protected

Safe from the storms of the day

Safe from the currents that blow

Winds of illness and uncertainty

Of things that we cannot name

In the light of days

I need the sanctuary of love

Where I can be strong for him

Holding his head in my lap

Brushing trouble off his temple

Whispering nothing across brows

Worried with troubles of

An imperfect and unfair world

I need to be love’s refuge

A place where he can be himself

And allow me to be his anchor

For every concern

And for every day

Today I am beyond broken

Tomorrow I will be

Less or more so the same

These are the days I am not

Meant to be all alone

Thoughts of foreverness cling

To my waking moments

And disturb my sleep

I need the sanctuary of love

That has been denied me

And has left me beyond tears

And so very tired

©NP 5/24/11

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