Thursday, December 1, 2011


I watch her move
The sway of her hips
And how she holds her hands just so
In between your palm and thumb
I try but have no hand to hold
I subconsciously shift my weight
From heel to the ball
Of my feet
So my legs might look longer
And perhaps I can mimic
Her cadence of confidence
She, having no trouble
Keeping up with your long strides
As I did on
The few times you allowed me
To be in public with you
Ashamed that I am not prettier
And far less desirable
Than she
Only good for undercovers and
Behind doors
Round the way
As is often said of
“Less than” women
And those who your momma
Can’t meet
So I watch and learn
How to be someone else
Tilt my head to the light
Just so
Practice sighing in contentment
Imagine it is me you are kissing
In a private place
In a crowded mall
Learning to
Hide the real me from sight
So that I may too find a man
That desires me so
That loves me
As you do her
Because what good is it
To be a me
When I am alone
In the Metroplex

© navypoet 11/29/11

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