Sunday, September 25, 2011


The touch, taste of you

Explodes on my tongue

Sweeter than the blackest berry

Hidden at the edge of a forest

Fed through by a swift creek

The willow stands on the bank

Roots half buried, half exposed

Where they meet the current

Branches touching the shade

Where we spent hidden eras

My real, you witness

Peeling back the skin

From my back

Whitewashed in the sun’s heat

My bones the color of you

My blood tinted in love

No one asked me why

They only saw that

Our skin was different

Beneath silk and sackcloth



That we are all the same

Under the eyes of God

Will they be able to seperate

My blood from yours now

Life’s liquid

Spilled on the ground

Beneath a noose

Too often colored in red

As each drip from the tree

Mingles with the drops

Spilling from my wrist

And the pain filled tears

From a heart torn apart by ignorance

And the loss of my soul.

© NP 9/11

1 comment:

  1. Oh-My... Navypoet, you stirred up my soul with this piece. Write on poet...