Sunday, August 14, 2011



Am waiting in your margins

Waiting patiently for you

To know my thoughts and dreams

To see me as I am

Out here on the other side

Of your punctuation


Am waiting in your margins

Living beyond the ink

I imitate memories

That I do not own

Of you saying love in

Penciled echoes


Lie just outside your margins

Naked and sumptuously warm

Waiting on the touch

Formed in flesh memories

Capturing in sepia tones

Charcoal shadows


Linger in the margins

In an imperfect light

Speaking to God

Of how my heart wants

To find promised favor

And printed solace


Will remain here in the margins

Needing to be called to you

And it is cold on the outside

Of your arms

But like a word once written

I will always be yours

© NP 8/14/11

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