Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Poems

Love Poems
Leave you dizzy
And turn your world upside down
They are the type that
Do not care for rules
There is no common law for
Love Poems
And if you ignore them they
Cry for themselves
And make you weep too
These Love Poems
At once so terrifying
And beautiful
Love Poems wait for you
In the cracks of sidewalks
Rising up to trip you
On the way to the store
For a loaf of bread
Love Poems have I’s
And can see through half closed
And smoky lids
But you can’t see them
Love Poems wait
Until they take root
Deep inside of you
You may shy away from
Love Poems
Refuse to give ink
To their longings
Love Poems
Will make you miss them
Even when there is no one
Around to give them form
You can’t feel a love poem
Lingering in next month
You think you don’t need
Love Poems
You can get it in
And escape
Writing Love Poems
But they are everywhere
God loves you
His word is
A Love Poem
From beginning to end
Until you find out
That after Him
You should love you
Until there is
More than you can hold
Love Poems
Will fall from your lips
For in earth as it is in heaven
Love Poems
Are not written in ink
But blood

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