Saturday, October 23, 2010

Poet (slammed)

I listen to your words

Angry, sullen and revolutionary words

You want change


You want it now

I hear your words

You scream at the injustice

Of your childhood

Absent father

Drug addicted sister

And you had to eat free lunch at school

I taste your words

Bitter and hungry at the same time

You wound the ear

In tirades

Leaving a trail

Of vowels

Not ink

For that last too long


Which you are against

Form and substance

Eaten and spewed back out

I smell your words

Categorically denied

That you are also tomorrow

For tomorrow brings a new fight

A new struggle

Found deep

In your recycled bag

Of hemp and straw and lies



You rally for the latest buzz

I feel your words

Tight and hot

Quick and sharp words

Thorns on rose bushes unseen

Bleeding out the ones without knowledge

And then you leave for the next

March, next stage

In your gas guzzling SUV

Starbuck coffee in hand

A “spoken word” artist

And over your shoulder

You loudly accuse me of being

A “poet”.

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