Tuesday, August 3, 2010


1 in 5
1 in 6
6 of one
6 is half
half dozen
broken dozen
dozen ova
dozen tears
tears track
tears remind
remind me
remind you
you must not
you relive
relive auctions
relive chains
chains bind
chains mark
mark heritage
mark possession
possession of flesh
possession of child
child not mine
child torn
torn from breast
torn from sight
sight of sky
sight of blind
blind eyes
blind faith
faith in one
faith in none
none heard
none spoken
spoken not
spoken loud
loud bells
loud clamor
clamor at dawn
clamor at dusk
dusk of skin
dusk of hollow
hollow soul
hollow bones
bones broken
bones spirit


  1. Your words are something else, girl, a very nice experience.

    And i hope cerulean musings continue the path.

    Un beso!

  2. Thanks Syd
    Cerulean stands alone in content and intent. i appreciate your following both.